Kia Salvage Yards Near Me

Kia salvage yards are the ultimate spot to get replaceable parts for your vehicles at lower prices.

They are businesses that supply used parts for various kinds of Kia vehicles at heavily discounted rates.

Whether you’re driving an SUV, sedan, sport, truck, or heavy equipment, you’ll get what you need.

Kia Junkyard Near Me

However, before you move further, you must familiarize yourself with their operation mode.

You’ll also need to learn about their source or inventory, the used Kia parts you can get, how vehicles are disassembled, and more.

As you keep reading this blog post, you’ll acquire such knowledge.

  • Kia Wrecking Yards are Sparse

Unfortunately, the country is running short of auto salvage yards explicitly dealing with Kia vehicles. Before you can locate one of their installations, you’ll have to drive a distance.

However, you can broaden your search by checking alternative options. You may get what you want at general or foreign car salvage yards.

They have sections for Kia vehicles in their lot. You can search nearby yards using the finder below.

  • Kia Salvage Yards Do Mum and Pop Style Of Business

Business-minded private owners manage most Kia salvage yards near me. Because they engage in buying and selling, they’re compared to mum-and-pop businesses.

The only difference is that these businesses primarily deal with junked cars. When such vehicles are junked in their facilities, they strip functional parts and sell them with a small markup.

Since not all Kia vehicles junked in their facilities are worthless, they revive serviceable ones. After making them worthy of service, they send them for auction.

But sometimes, they sell to individuals at the lot.

Where Kia Scrap Yards Obtain their Junks

Kia salvage yards near me get their scrap vehicles from several places.

Amongst them are private sellers, insurance companies, auctions, police impound, and liquidated businesses. All these donors have a good reason for dumping their vehicles.

When scrap cars come from private hands, they’re inoperable, worth less the cost of repairs, or outdated. Then insurance companies dump Kia vehicles that are victims of accidents.

They aim to reclaim part of the money used in settling customers’ claims. Lastly, when the government no longer has use for impounded vehicles, they put them for auction.

Some Kia Junkyards Demands for Admission Fee

Most Kia salvage yards near me ask for an admission fee to walk around their facility. The charges vary from one yard to the next. But for the most part, you’ll be required to pay around $10 or less.

Places you’re likely to pay entrance fees are pick-and-pull salvage yards. Such facilities allow customers to walk around their installation and remove functional auto parts.

Kia Salvage Yards Near Me Conduct Some Basic Prep Work

When cars are junked in salvage yards, they first conduct some essential prep work. That is, they remove toxic fluids such as gas and oil. These liquids are put back into their bottle and sold out for cheap.

Next, they will strip all valuable components of the vehicle. Some salvage yards will clean such auto parts, inspect them, and test them before warehousing them.

What will be left of the vehicle will be mere metals. There, they will sell it to a scrap metal yard for repurposing.

Renowned Kia Modes You Can See at Salvos

Kia salvage yards are home to numerous models of vehicles.

Some popular Kia models you can see are Sportage, Optima, Soul, Rio, Sorento, Spectra, Amanti, Rondo, Nitro, Stiner, Forte, Cadenza, and more.

You can also spot unique cars such as Optima Hybrid.

A well-managed salvage yard will arrange these models accordingly. Some might go as far as classifying them according to their year of manufacture.

If you step into their facility, you’ll see Kia popular models set towards the entrance. Navigating and picking salvage parts in such installation is easy.

However, you must know that not all Kia salvage yards have such magnificent organization.

Kia Salvage Parts Near Me

You can get whatever you want at Kia salvage yards near me. They got engines, fenders, dashboards, doors, transmission, radiators, windows, hoods, panels, and sound systems.

Other functional used Kia parts you can get are tires and wheels, exhaust, carbs, wire harnesses, rims, mirrors, and more. You can also get used parts for vintage Kia vehicles.

  • Prices of Used Kia Parts

As mentioned earlier, Kia salvage yards sell used auto parts at affordable prices. But how much you’ll spend to obtain used Kia parts depends on a few factors.

The kind of salvage yard you visit and the type of auto part you need. However, most salvage yards sell doors for $60, batteries for $12, alternators for $18, etc.

Selling Your Scrap Kia Car to Salvage Yards

Before you junk your car, have you tried making repairs and know how much it will cost?

You should only junk your vehicle if it’s not going to run again or the cost of repairs is within its value. Inoperable cars are often valued for their functional parts, including metal frames.

Kia salvage yards could be one of your selling points when you decide to junk your car. However, you may be less profitable than expected. They’ll want to obtain your scrap vehicle cheaply to make a profit.

Therefore, you must consider another alternative to stay profitable.

Selling individual vehicle parts can fetch you a reasonable amount. You can trade your salvage Kia parts on platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Freecycle, and more.

  • You Can Get a Warranty for Salvage Kia Parts

One of the perks of patronizing a Kia salvage yard near me is getting warranty coverage for each item you purchase. Only that, you’ll be required to pay a fee to cover each item.

Depending on the facility you visit, you’re likely to pay around $10 to$15.

Furthermore, the warranty period for used auto parts varies from one salvage yard to the next. While some will offer you a 30 day-warranty, others might last up to 60 days or more.

There’s no better place you can get used Kia parts for cheap other than salvage yards. That’s why they’re the best plug for vehicle restoration projects.

However, it would help if you kept in mind the associated drawbacks of getting items from these businesses.