Heavy Equipment Salvage Yards Near Me

Do you know where to get quality used parts for your heavy equipment?

Such items are available at heavy equipment salvage yards. Before you visit any of their facilities, you must know a thing about them.

As you stick on this page, you learn how equipment salvage yards operate. Other topics to add are their style of service delivery, available used parts, and more.

Heavy Equipment Junkyard Near Me

Do you have construction equipment such as cranes, bulldozers,  bobcats, etc.? Of course, finding new replacement parts is expensive in the store.

Sometimes, the auto parts you purchase might take decades before it arrives. Finding used parts for your heavy equipment will be your best bet.

  • Why Getting Used Parts at Heavy Equipment Salvage Yard?

There’s more than one reason you should get used parts for your heavy equipment at salvage yards.

First, these businesses deliver construction parts at the lowest prices. Those parts have a guarantee for quality, as most of them are manufacturer-installed and assembled.

Besides purchasing used parts, you can also junk your heavy equipment in facilities near you. they offer fair market value for damaged or antique construction machines.

As you read along, you’ll learn more about selling heavy machines at salvage yards.

  • Is Finding a Heavy Equipment Wrecking Yard Easy?

It’s possible to get a heavy equipment salvage yard near your location. But most of them might feature heavy machines that are inoperable.

They’ll be an ideal place for you if you’re out hunting for used parts.

Furthermore, you can also find heavy equipment salvage yards near cement plants, demolition sites, and construction sites.

Other places you can visit are bulldozer, truck, caterpillar, dump truck, forklift, backhoe, excavator, and tractor salvage yards. These installations also host heavy equipment.

Depending on your machines, you can get used parts in one of their facilities.

To find a heavy equipment salvage yard, you can start by searching online. Several websites under yellow pages “salvage yards” or “automobile parts.” Alternatively, you can ask around.

High chances are that you’ll find people who know where you can find them.

Below is a map locator for wrecking yards near you.

  • Business Model of Equipment Salvage Yards?

The business model of heavy equipment salvage yards is close to other salvos.

They typically purchase wrecked construction machines and make money by selling their valuable parts. While most of these businesses are privately owned, a few are owned by commercial construction businesses.

Besides selling used parts, these businesses are into restoration projects. Junked heavy equipment with little life is fixed and sold to buyers needing cheap heavy machines.

Sometimes, restored heavy equipment is sent for auction to get a better offer.

  • Some Heavy Equipment Salvos Charge Admission Fee

Before entering particular salvage yards, you’ll be required to pay a certain amount at the gate. Depending on the facility you visit, you’re likely to pay around $10 or less.

The money is used for maintenance and other administrative expenses.

How Equipment Junkyards Get their Vehicles

There’re several ways heavy equipment salvage yards get their inventory. From private sellers, insurance companies, commercial businesses, and auctions.

Each donor junked their construction machines for a few reasons: interoperability, outdated models, and the high cost of parts replacement.

Either way, some heavy equipment they dump is near running condition. Those that are severely damaged host auto parts that are still functional.

Self-Service and Full-Service Equipment Salvage Yards

Among the heavy equipment salvage yards near me, we have those offering self-service and complete services.

Yards offering self-service allow customers to pull parts themselves. They are also called “pick and pull.” Such businesses have scanty inventory, older models of equipment, and lower prices.

Salvage yards offering complete services keep customers from removing used parts themselves. Instead, they remove auto parts at the customer’s request.

Particular scrap yards remove heavy equipment parts upon their arrival and stock them in the warehouse.

Getting heavy equipment parts in a heavy equipment salvage yard offering complete services is easy. That is because they have so much in their inventory and are of high quality and for newer models.

How Used Equipment Parts are Removed By Scrap Yards

Most heavy equipment salvage yards are economical in their approach to dismantling cars. You’ll attest to these facts if you visit the ones near you.

Upon the arrival of junked construction equipment, their expert mechanics will remove toxic liquid. These liquids are repackaged for reuse or sold out for recycling.

The following line of action is the removal of functional parts. Some yards will sanitize, inspect for possible defects, test, and store them in the inventory.

What remains of the heavy equipment will be sold as scrap metal for reprocessing.

  • Can I Get Salvage Parts Online?

Yes! Some heavy equipment salvage yards near me present their inventory online. This allows you to get heavy equipment parts wherever no matter your location.

You can order the required auto parts and get them immediately. You can also check for what you need and visit their installation to take them out or make a purchase.

However, if the heavy equipment salvage yards near you don’t feature their inventory online, you can place a call. Ask about their collections to see if they’re worth patronizing.

Industrial and Construction Equipment Salvage Parts

If you visit a heavy equipment scrap yard near you, you’ll see they have numerous heavy machines. This includes excavators, wheel loaders, articulated trucks, crawler dozers, and more.

These machines come from popular brands such as John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillars, Kubota, Doosan, Hyundai, Timber jack, etc.

Some heavy equipment parts you can get include engines, axles, differentials, pumps, valves, undercarriage, attachments, and slewing rings.

Other heavy equipment parts include cylinders, cooling systems, swing drives, AG tractor parts, final drives, and lots more.

While patronizing heavy equipment salvage yards near you, you must know that not all that glitters is gold. We mean, not all heavy equipment parts you get in those wreck yards are of high quality.

Some auto parts are questionable. They’ll only add more to your troubles instead of solving them.

For that reason, you should critically examine parts before you get them. Alternatively, you can hire experts to assist you in getting quality parts.