Boat Motor Salvage Yards Near Me

From the look of things, you are here to learn more about the boat motor salvage yards near me.

You’re welcome to join us in our discussion if that’s true. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about these businesses. This includes their service styles, their business model, and much more.

Outboard Motor Salvage Yards Near Me

You can also refer to a boat motor salvage as a marine engine junkyard. These are businesses that take in wrecked or salvaged boats and make money by selling their functional parts.

In addition to selling pre-owned parts, they also offer ship disposal services. No matter your boat engine, you can find suitable secondhand parts at affordable prices.

Where Can I Get a Boat Motor Junkyard?

Unlike vehicle salvage yards, there are only a few boat salvage yards. It is unlikely that you will find one of their installations near you.

If so, you can settle for a standard salvage yard or private establishments that buy junk boats.

But, if you are lucky to get a marine engine salvage yard that deals exclusively with ship engines, you will leave with a smile. These businesses will offer OEM parts for your boat motors at affordable prices.

Now we have two viable options for locating a nearby motor board salvage yard. Option one is to search online.

There are many salvage yards with online inventories.

You can track them down under the yellow pages “boat salvage yards.” The second option is to ask the people around. It is possible to find one or two people with an idea of where these salvos are located.

How Do Boat Motor Salvage Yards Manage their Company?

The business style of boat engine salvage yards is similar to that of other local businesses.

As we said earlier, they buy wrecked boats that are worth less to repair. The functional and non-functional parts are removed and sold for a small margin.

Apart from selling used boat engines, some of these salvage yards are in restoration projects. The boat motors, hoping to return to life, are repaired and bid out.

Alternatively, they’re sold to boat salvages.

Where Do Boat Motor Junkyards Get their Engines?

There are various sources from which boat motor salvage yards obtain their inventory. First, they get their engines from online sellers.

This may include insurance companies or government auctions. It is in rare cases; they buy directly from private sellers. Before they make a purchase, so many questions are asked.

Some of the questions they pose include the state of your marine engine, its brand, and its model. Some facilities may also require you to email photographs of your motor.

Lastly, they can also get their inventory from salvage boats or junkyard yachts.

  • Style of Servicing Customers

Outboard motor salvage yards near me serviced customers in two ways. Either by self-service or full service. Each of these styles of services varies accordingly.

Marine engine salvage yards offering self-services allow customers to remove functional parts themselves. For that, they’re nicknamed “pick and pull yards.”

Before you’re allowed to enter their facilities, you’ll be required to pay for admission. The fee is usually around $10 or less. This is to help cover maintenance and admirative cost.

Meanwhile, before you visit such salvage yards, it’s critical to hold the right tools for pulling parts. These tools are wrenches, pliers, hammers, crowbars, safety kits, and more.

As for boat motor salvage yards offering complete services, customers aren’t allowed to remove parts independently.

Expert technicians at the salvo remove portions either on the customer’s request or not. Visiting such a facility makes you less likely to pay for admission. But you’re more likely to pay for labor.

How Boat Engines are Processed at Salvage Yards

The style of processing motors at marine engine salvage yards is similar to that of auto junkyards. They start by removing toxic fluids from engines.

These liquids are repackaged for reuse or recycling. Next, all functional parts will be removed, cleaned, inspected, tested, and stored in the inventory.

Whatever remains of the motors will be sold as scrap metal for recycling.

Used Boat Motor Parts Available in Scrap Yards

Marine engine salvage yards near me feature a variety of used boat motor parts.

No matter your kind of boat, the right parts are waiting for you to buy. They got exhausts, props, gears, fuel pumps, carburetors, switch boxes, trim rams, and lots more.

Meanwhile, some popular boat brands you can get include Volvo, Yamaha, Mercury, Mariner Force Outboard, Suzuki, Honda, Mercruiser, etc.

Why Should Your Visit Marine Engine Salvage Yards?

For several reasons, you’ll need to patronize a boat motor salvage yard.

First off, you’ll save a great deal of money. You can imagine getting a boat carburetor for $300 and props for $65. Of course, you know you’ve saved about 60 to 70 percent off the cost of new ones.

Secondly, you can get more than you seek at self-serviced salvage yards. For instance, if you buy an engine valve, you can get workable fuel pumps.

Lastly, you’re helping local businesses thrive by purchasing secondhand parts from marine engine salvage yards. This will, in turn, open more job opportunities for the locals.

  • You Can Get a Warranty For a Salvage Outboard Motor

Most outboard salvage yards near me offer a warranty for their pre-owned parts.

Nevertheless, you’ll be required to pay a warrantee fee for each item you purchase. The cost varies from one salvage yard to the next—however, most demand $12 or less.

Additionally, their warranty period varies accordingly. While some facilities will give you a 30-day warranty coverage, others might run up to 60-90 days.

We have a few salvage yards that might offer you a warranty for up to a year. Within these periods, you can return the item in case of any damage or malfunction.

Did you enjoy your time here? Of course, we believe you do. Each time you want to cut the expenses of restoring your boat motor, consider visiting a salvage yard.

However, you must know that not all parts displayed on their shelves are high quality. Some auto parts are faulty.